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24 May 2013. The self-cleaning vacuum cleaner

3-Flow is the latest vacuum cleaner from IPC Soteco. 3-Flow has been developed in the best IPC Soteco traditions and represents a major step forward in vacuum cleaning technology. Powerful suction combines with advanced and highly effective filtration to guarantee maximum functionality, effectiveness, efficiency and profitability. 
3-Flow incorporates three separate suction motors and three polyester cartridge filters. Each motor is paired with its own independent filter. In a fully automatic cycle, 3-Flow functions with two active motors and one in standby. While each motor is in standby mode, its filter system automatically performs a cleaning cycle. The cyclical deactivation of each motor automatically triggers the cleaning cycle for its filter. This system allows 3-Flow to operate continuously with no loss in suction power, and without the operator having to pause to clean filters, significantly improving efficiency.
3-Flow comes in a number of different versions and is designed primarily to capture fine powder and dust. It includes a tangential suction inlet that maximises the cyclone effect. These features make 3-Flow the ideal choice for vacuum cleaning operations in environments where special processes produce powders that could either cause respiratory problems or build up as dirt if not effectively captured.
A stainless steel (or conductive plastic) canister body, a thermal protection system,  a high flow rate, and a system that slows down filter blockage combine to ensure an extended machine life of up to one thousand hours of operation.